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I’m fairly new to everyone of photography but had recently gotten bored of taking the usual, same exact pictures of trees and little animals like squirrels etc. One place I actually enjoyed photographing had been a small park across the road from my house. I really liked the basketball court and the playground, having a wide open field beyond. It brought me to my childhood, I guess. There’s a big hill above the park which overlooks the playground, basketball court, and baseball field, and so i had done plenty of pictures from there.

I was to the park during the night at the same time, at times after i had sleep problems (I’m somewhat of a chronic insomniac), but sans camera. You can find lights there which continue to the entire night and present the park a type of foggy, eerie ambiance. I’ve thought it could be a fun time and set to shoot a quick horror film generally if i ever came up with a great script along with the drive there. I’m type of kidding there, but you never know?

And So I had the theory to use night photography. I used to be on a break at the time, and didn’t get rid of bed until a brief while after 12 PM, so I would have a lot of energy later which, plus insomnia, makes it impossible to go to sleep at any reasonable time. I therefore decided that on that night I would proceed to the park and then try to get some good photos. After eating lunch, I took battery from my Canon Powershot SX30 IS and charged it with Canon Powershot SX30 IS charger, a cheap one that I’d gotten off of Amazon. I didn’t need to have my battery die on me as i was on the market. I didn’t have got a phone during that time (had to get a new one), so my only light source is definitely the camera itself, in addition to the lights in the park (I didn’t use a flashlight either).

Anyway, after midnight and drinking coffee, I walked as a result of the park, camera bag in a hand and tripod from the other. I put in place on top of the hill and got to work. The hill was an outstanding vantage point, however, not the whole park was illuminated. If you take photos during the night, you wish to choose long exposure. This allows the camera to get the faint light. Also, I strongly suggest using a tripod. Since long exposure essentially captures “time” in a manner that short exposure would not, when the camera shakes around you will definitely get a lot of motion blur, even from dim points of light. When you don’t have got a tripod, try to keep your hands as steady as you possibly can when utilizing the picture. Also i used a cable release to help make the camera much more steady.

As well as long exposure, I also tried some short exposure photos, because I had read you might take decent short exposure pictures during the night time should you boost the ISO. It dexopky40 be considered a very particular balance because every one of the photos I took using short exposure didn’t come out well, with higher image noise. So, I would say select long exposure unless you’re Excellent. Nothing was getting around on the park, thus i didn’t have to worry about motion blur.

Overall, the photos turned out quite nice. There’s nothing just like the atmosphere of a dimly-lit area through the night. I enjoy the photos so much that I’ve put a couple of them above my desk at the office.

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